Pages We Support

On the left and right side of this page you’ll notice several pictures with links to them to different blogs. Here, I just want to introduce those pages and why I support and advertise them here. If you are interested to be featured on this page, or would like to collaborate for contributions to my or your own page, feel free to contact me at I am always open for promotions!


Servant and Sojourner 

This page is run by seminary student Kevin Dunn, who happens to be my brother. If you’ll notice here, you’ll see a brief introduction to Kevin, who he is and what he’s about. He is very passionate about the Gospel and making it known, and the page is a digital exemplary of that fact. I am interested to help him out in anyway that I can, and it would be greatly appreciated should feel compelled to do the same. Click here for more information on how you can support Kevin and his wife Diana’s mission to be equipped for full-time ministry. Check it out!


With All I Am

With All I Am is a page ran by devoted Christian and Father Prayson Daniel, a very dear and close figure to this page. As he writes in his ‘about me’ page, “With All I Am explores philosophical and theological topics with them aim of knowing more about God. We believe that the more you know the person and works of God, the more you will love and adore Him.” I also contribute to this page, with articles featured here. I particularly commend Prayson for his work on the Problem of Evil, such as his Scholarly Status of Logical Problem of Evil and God’s Omnipotence and Problem of Evil.


Christian Apologetics Alliance

The Christian Apologetics Alliance is a very resourceful blog with articles from diverse Christians with numerous intellectual backgrounds. The articles for the page are all centered around the subject of apologetics, which is sub-categorized by numerous other topics such as science and faith, New Testament reliability, arguments for God’s existence, the problem of evil, and many others. The articles I have contributed to this page can be found here, all of which vary rather extensively in subject. Check it out!


The Undergraduate Times

The Undergraduate Times is an online academic newspaper with articles from undergraduate students on various subjects. I am a resident staff writer for the UGTimes, mostly engaging in subjects such as Social Issues, Politics, and Opinion. Click the picture below and check it out!


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