• *Posts, quotes and comments are not often a direct association with the author’s beliefs or opinions regarding some philosophical/theological/scientific position.
  • *Comments, questions, concerns and objections on particular posts are not always but will often receive a response or consideration.
  • *This page is still in its stage of infancy; older posts are being edited to correct particular mistakes (grammatical errors, etc.) and others are being deleted completely.

Hellenistic Christendom was particularly inspired by the philosopher Diogenes Allen (1985) when he once wrote in regards to the relationship between philosophy and theology, saying, “Christian theology is nonetheless inherently hellenic. I use the word ‘hellenic’ instead of ‘Greek’ to refer to the spread of Greek culture and ways of thinking to non-Greek peoples, an influence which received powerful impetus from the conquests of Alexander the Great and Rome” [1]. He expounds his point further:

. . .likewise we would not have the discipline of theology without the hellenic attitude in Christians that leads them to press questions about the Bible and the relations of the Bible to other knowledge. Thus when people call for purging Greek philosophy from Christian theology, unless they are referring to specific ideas or concepts, they are really calling for the end of the discipline of theology itself, though they may not realize it. [2]

Thus, the structure of this page focuses mostly on Philosophical and Theological subjects with some attention to Quantum Theory and general Physics. I hope to provide this page as a resource with notable posts/quotes from Philosophers, Theologians and Scientists on topics ranging from proofs of God’s existence, Greek philosophy, Religious Language, to even the Philosophy of Science.

Moreover, in respect to certain posts I also hope to expound on certain arguments and positions that require some attention and length to suffice adequate justification of their position. This is done in light of my goal for this page to provide for believers and unbelievers alike a database of philosophical and theological resources for theism [ultimately].



  • [1] Diogenes Allen, Philosophy for Understanding Theology (John Knox Press: 1985) p. 14
  • [2] Ibid., p. 5

7 thoughts on “Author’s Disclaimer

  1. Nicole Blom says:

    Congratulations on graduating high school! I’ll admit: I was surprised at how fervent and intelligently mature you are for a mere 18-year-old. Awesome to meet another “youngin'” who likes to read these types of books and think deeply about matters!

  2. Bill Liktor says:

    Wow you’re motivated! I didn’t get serious about philosophy and academia until I was in my mid-twenties. Good for you 🙂

  3. George Allen says:

    Glad to see my Dad’s work is still inspiring people. When I started reading some pages I assumed you were a seminary or at least college graduate.

      1. George Allen says:

        If you want to know a little more about his life I can help you. If you want to know more about his professional life, I’d contact Eric Springsted

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