Recommended Apologetics: Winfried Corduan’s ‘No Doubt About It’ (1997)

This is in my opinion one of the best defenses of the Christian worldview in publication. Ranging from the philosophy of religion to contemporary Christological perspectives, this book takes a very fresh and preliminary approach to articulating a defense for Christianity that can be utilized by believers everywhere. Contents include:

  1. Faith and Reason
  2. Truth and Knowledge
  3. Knowledge: Important Components
  4. Knowledge: Testing Worldviews
  5. Worldviews in Trouble
  6. The Existence of God
  7. God and Evil
  8. Miracles
  9. and more

The book is roughly 270 pages long and contains brief sections for recommended readings at the end of each chapter. I am especially a fan of this book’s analysis of the Christian worldview with respect to other opposing (or challenging) worldviews; chapters 4 and 5 to be specific. Get this book over at Amazon under 10$ to have your own copy!


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