Søren Kierkegaard and ‘The Point at Issue’

I here repeat my protest, not softened but sharpened: I would rather gamble, carouse, fornicate, steal, murder, than take part in making a fool of God; rather pass my days in bowling alleys and billiard halls, my nights in gaming and at a masquerades, than take part in that kind of seriousness which Bishop Martensen calls Christian seriousness; yea, I would rather make a fool of God bluntly, climb up to a high place or go out into the open where I am alone with Him, and say, “Thou art a wretched God, worth no more than to be made a fool of” – rather than make a fool of Him by solemnly representing that I am holy, that my life is shear zeal and ardor for Christianity, yet – O cursed ambiguity!

Søren Kierkegaard, Attack Upon Christendom, trans. Walter Lowrie (Princeton University Press: 1968), p. 20.


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