Marian F. Sia and the Atheist’s Model of God

One such confrontation which can provoke us into making explicit certain presumptions regarding God is the phenomenon of atheism. The reasons behind someone’s rejection of God require further exploration. Why does the atheist deny that there is a God? What model of God is operative in his or her mind? For it is not untrue to say that many times atheism is the rejection not of God but of certain claims being made by some believers, claims which should be examined more critically. Again it is not unknown to theists to align themselves with atheism so as to remove many idolatrous misconceptions about God. As Voltaire once remarked, human beings have a tendency to fabricate God according to their image.

Marian F. Sia and Santiago Sia, From Suffering to God: Exploring Our Images of God in the Light of Suffering (Palgrave Macmillan: 1994), p. 1


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