Thomas J. J. Altizer on the Apocalyptic Jesus

The apocalyptic Jesus is the most revolutionary Jesus in Christian history. This alone could account for the fact that this Jesus was not historically discovered until after almost two millennia of Christian history, and if it is orthodox Christianity that most subverts the apocalyptic Jesus, it is radical Christianity that most fully embodies him, and embodies Jesus as an ultimately revolutionary power. This is all too clear both in the Radical Reformation and in the English Revolution, but it is also clear in our most revolutionary thinking and vision as witness Hegel and Blake. . .

. . . just as Blake is our first purely apocalyptic poet, Hegel is our first purely apocalyptic philosopher; thereby, an original Christian apocalypse is reborn in full modernity, but reborn only by way of an apocalyptic realization of the death of God.

Thomas Altizer, The New Gospel of Christian Atheism (Davies Group Publishers: 2002) p. 43


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