Solomon and the Majesty of God

What born fools were all who lived in ignorance of God! From the good things before their eyes they could not learn to know him who is, and failed to recognize the artificer though they observed his handiwork! Fire, wind, swift air, the circle of the starry sings, rushing water, or the great lights in heaven that rule the world – these they accounted gods.

If it was through delight in the beauty of these things that people supposed them gods, they ought to have understood how much better is the Lord and master of them all; for it was by the prime author of all beauty they were created. If it was through astonishment at their power and influence, people should have learnt from these how much more powerful is he who made them. For the greatness and beauty of created things give us a corresponding idea of their Creator.

Wisdom of Solomon 13:1-5


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