Lecture of the Week: Greg Bahnsen on the Myth of Neutrality

Dr. Greg Bahnsen has written many notable books on Presuppositional Apologetics and has also debated many atheists on the “objective truth of Christian theism” – atheists such as Edwin Tabash, George Smith, Gordon Stein, and Michael Martin [1].

I myself am not a presuppositionalist, but I always find in some circumstances the method to be meritous in terms of personal evangelism. This lecture should be given a proper and considerate ear on the discussion of presuppositions.



  • [1] Although, Dr. Bahnsen and Michael Martin didn’t really debate. According Michael Butler’s lecture on Michael Martin, he comments that the two were supposed to debate somewhere in Tennessee, when all of a sudden there was some issues with taping and Martin backed out of the debate. However, Bahnsen showed up anyways and gave a lecture entitled Michael Martin Under a Microscope, analyzing and examining the works of Martin. This lecture is available for mp3 at http://www.cmfnow.com.

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