Joseph Owen and Knowledge of the Supersensible

In its scientific quest the mind seeks to explain things in general by their causes. Can it then remain indifferent to what Christian faith presents as the supreme cause of all things, God? In endeavoring to guide human conduct and to work out human destiny, can the mind of a Christian honestly sidestep the telling considerations that arise from the immortal nature and the dignity and the responsibility of a spiritual soul, as revealed by faith? The Christian mind, rather, craves for whatever knowledge it may be able to acquire about God and the spirituality of the soul, and about the supersensible world in general.

Is it possible then, to have any kind of scientific knowledge about these spiritual things? Is there any knowable feature besides quality and quantity that might provide the viewpoint for a properly scientific investigation of the supersensible order?

Joseph Owen, An Elementary Christian Metaphysics (Bruce Publishing: 1963) pp. 20-21


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